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ez magic video local edition walkthrough


ez magic video local edition walkthrough

Date: 2019-07-17 14:56:06


EZ Magic Video Local Edition Walkthrough

What you’re looking at is Matt Bush’s amazing software and training called EZ Magic Video: Local Edition.

Matt’s been selling videos to clients for years now. What EZ Magic Video does is just amazing! It creates real spokesperson videos for you using live actors.

(Both US and UK voices, too! 😉 )

You can sell a single spokesperson video to a local business client for $500 to $1500. But, what I would do would be to sign clients up for a monthly video service for $500. One client for one year would make you a whopping $6k!

How many clients at $6k each do you need for a killer income? Not many!

You have to see this software to believe it. You might be thinking (as I was) that the resulting videos would be junk, you know, jerky, sounding like a machine instead of a human.

They’re not!

Click this link right here:

There are four sample videos on that page made with EZ Magic Video Local Edition.

Now, one more thing!

Right now, this is on sale for a really low price. (The price is going way up to $97 after the sale is over.)

Get this today. I bought it for our business.

Every local business consultant I know needs this, either as a front end (initial) product to sell or as a great upsell!

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ez magic video local edition walkthrough

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Garry Tatnell

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